Friday, April 10, 2009

Right side of ya brain

I am so impressed how emotional and sexy The Dreams music could be. I'm honeslty inlove with his new track Right side of ya brain. The most cutest song I've heard lately, pretty creative aswell.
Enjoy this song cause I know I've been jamm'n it every fucking min of the day =D

It was pretty hard to find the song this is not the original it has some edits in it, but hope ya love it.
If you want to hear the original one then find it on my myspace


Monday, April 6, 2009


Find me on Polyvore

This right here is my sets on Polyvore, I just started to realize my fashion sence is insane
enjoyy <3

Addicted to mac

So I was shuffle'n through youtube, checking out some makeup tutorials and acoustic singers and I happend to notice that alot of youtube members are really into singing and posting up their latest vid's up so I decided to make a youtube of my own =D I have'nt put up any vid's of me singing YET but I'll try to get to that as soon as possible.
So for now just enjoy what I have so far.
Heres my link Suscribe please =D
Btw you guys should really check out She's an inspiring makeup artist with really good tips.
I am addicted to mac and all the pigments of make up mostly eyeshadow tho, my next attempt is this voilet, white and black design with a pinch of blue at the bottom.