Sunday, January 10, 2010

Color I'm Rock'n

Every time I go shopping I always bring back a nail lacquer, so just the other day I came back home with a very grogeous color which is called Sweet Lilac from Incolor by Jordana

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It has a bunch of lil shimmers and I believe this one was about $4.50

What colors do you think are going to be in this year?

Lip Gloss YO'

I did some lipstick shopping yesterday and picked these up

They were all really inexpensive and greatly pigmented.

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This is my Fav one which is Opal from NYX and I believe it was about $3.50

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My second fav which is Amethyst from NK with Vitamin E and this one WAS $4.79

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This one is Pollyanna Pink by Brucci and this one was $2.00 but the great thing about it is that there was a sale which was 3 of these which were all the same color for ONLY $2.00

I got this all at my local beauty supply store.

On top of that I couldnt help myself so I decided to buy these other two which were Lip balms with color which were both from NYX
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The white one is Silver for $2.99 and the othere is Rlg Pink for $3.99

I <3 them all.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Hot tool's

Today I decided to leave school early because I was so excited to buy a new straightening Iron, So at a local beauty supply store near my HOOD around 181 st and Audubon I picked up a flat iron for only 18.99 $ which is definitely great when it comes with a mini pink flat iron and a heating pouch. I totally thought to my self "what a great deal" and to top it off that it gets really hot. It was like love at first sight like if the beauty angels from heaven were looking down upon me. *giggles* No seriously tho, I was so excited that I ran home to try it out; man that thing can works magic.

I feel pretty bad tho, I feel like I'm betraying my old flat iron. I mean there was nothing wrong with my old one, but I felt like buying a new one due to; what if my old one breaks one day? wtf will I have then?
So I got a great deal which is definitely a PLUS for me.

I also bought a plum lip stick which everyone should know it by now that plum is by far my fav type of lip color ever since 09' and now for 2010 I'm still going to rock it but more darker.

And I bought my eyeliner which I cannot live without.

And a serum for my hair to protect it from the flat iron heat.

That's about it tho, I promise I shall update. BYE<3


Friday, December 11, 2009

updateeeeeeeeees <3

I've been gone for so long but I am back BITCHESSS. Sorry if I kept you guys waiting. I just have a quick update on whats been going on lately.

1. Relationships have been kicking my ass.
2. Been getting wasted out of control.
3. Fucking up in school.
4. Been trying out the elegant/grunge look.
5. Pink lips are definitely in.
6. Studsssssss

Too much on my plate? Nah not really, just family issues and what not, but I am officially back. Did you miss me?



Do we all really have a problem with Lily Allen ?
Honestly I wouldn't blame you if you do. Her attitude is extremely out of control, but I personally LOVEIT<3 It definitely goes with her, and her music and as well as it makes her even more attractive. She gives this angry look an elegant yet cute twist to it, which makes her adorable. And she drinks like a motherfukaa. LILY WATCH OUT WE DON'T WANT TO SEE YOU HEADING NEAR AMY WINE-HOUSE'S LANE.


Monday, November 2, 2009

Stud mania.

I have like this massive fetish for any thing w. studs. Its like I catch an eye orgasm :) I'm so foolish, but its so true. It goes well with anything, and everything especially nude colors. It gives a plain outfit an edgy look.

You can buy items @
1.Ann Demeulemeester studded ring -
2.Alexander McQueen Studded-metal bangle $1,095 -
3.Lipsy Strapless Studded Pocket Dress $108 -
4.Grey Faux Leather heels $95

Monday, September 28, 2009

Plum up the volume.

Lately I've had a fetish withplum lips, I think its a big fashion statment just like over sized jewlery. Plum lips could make a simple outfit look absolutely stunning. Plum is deffinetly a fall color so girls look out for the new look !
-Kim Kardasian sporting plum lips;