Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We dont confirm the fling , keep avoiding all the questions...

It aint easy as to believe, how we're breaking like pieces, like walls from an old abbanded building. You didnt tend to show it the love that you exploided. Have me facing fucked up complications, just face it your losing the thing that you were protecting. I told you we werent going to make it anywhere, but you never listened you proved to me that I'm right when I say all guys are the same, but I was never the one to be on that lovey dovey cause past situations, and relations are reversing. I wanted you dearly but that chick beat me to it. You said that you cared, but now I'm aware. Thanks for the comfort and the late night calls the phone sex was insane, but like that song I always sing claims "If we play a little longer, and we make it stronger, it will be much better, all about the pleasure"


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