Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I remember when I first laid eyes on youMy man Tom introduced us but I was too shy to say hiWhen I finally built up enough nerve to drop a lineYou made it clear you wasn't just another myspace mistressAnd I didn't take it personalWhen you ignored my request to be your friend I spilled my guts and hit send2 weeks for a response and got nothingHonestly it only made me want you moreWeek 4 rolled around and I was this close to letting goBut something wouldn't let me even though I hardly knew youIt was plain to see we were meant to lock lipsYou knock me out with the brass knuckle tats on your hipsI was on this website late night lurkingWhen I got a message from you that was labled urgentYou said that you weren't impressed by lame dudes with no gameThey're all the same trying to get your instant messenger nameBut the fact that you hit me back made me smileYou must've saw something you liked when you was skimming through my profileYou caught me at the most pivotal momentsAnd now I'm emailing my love with a dozen digital roses -Gym class heros.

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