Monday, June 22, 2009

Biffle x3

Fuck Paris Hilton. I would of liked Nicole Richie as a biffle. Shes the most cutest thing she's like my Celeb crush <3>Paris Hilton's stupid ass is looking for a bff. Dumb broad, doesnt she know that noone reallys wants to put up with her, they just trying to go after the fame but miss Prissy Hilton wants to hogg up the fame, fucking idiot. She makes blondes look stupid. UGH! I just dont understand why shes so stupid, bitch if you made a porno then admit to it fucker. Be proud ! You a celeb its nothing. I AM SO TRASH TALKING PARIS HILTON. Its like I feel bad for the people on her second season reality show, but then again their the stupid ones who proceed to listen to her. Trust me you'd get fame if you flash the camera. Then she has the nerve to tell the gay boy that venius is his fav planet because it rhymes with penius WTF? Bitch you bugging? She knows shes waiting for the government to announce that theres earth in that planet she'd fucking buy that shit and name it penius and have like 12 camera men recording her doing porn. OOOOOWW. I never hated some one as much as her.


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