Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Back to my guilty biznizz. Walking maniquin.

I used to say I wasnt self inflicted and I didnt care about fashion just throw on some dirty converses with skinnies nd a white v neck and call it a day, but unfortunatly I was mega wrong.


I even sketch it so therefore I am guilty. Miss down to earth Ally has kicked the fucking shell open, I could still be down to earth and not give a fuck about it.

I just feel like some people need help with there fashion, but that doesnt make them a non cool person. I'm sure alot of people that dont dress so funky are super kick ass cool.

Just dont judge people based on their looks. I am into the indieness of the world now in 09' people are now hippies all of a sudden. Keep the peace. increase the diseases wankers.

Fuck fighting just show your anger by your STYLE. This is mostly the only reason why I enjoy living in New York City, because of the fact that people dress the way they want. INDIE exactly what I am trying to discribe INDEPENDENT ! Let your fashion talk, and you just walk. Here is some of my work, hope you enjoy and leave comments about my work. I love hearing from my readers.

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